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Custom Metal Water Bottles For Brand Promotion

What products would you choose to promote your business or brand? Would your choice not be made keeping in mind few important factors such as:

  • The quality of the product.
  • High precision printing technology to carry your brand on the product.
  • The usefulness and durability of the product.
  • Unique choices.

Then, most assuredly, you will find that custom metal water bottles fit all these criteria and more.

Why choose water bottles for business promotion?

As business gifts go, water bottles are pretty versatile and useful. Everybody needs a water bottle – whether it is on an everyday basis or as an essential accessory when they go to the gym. A water bottle is also an essential travel accessory.

So truly, it can find a place in everybody’s life in one way or the other. It therefore makes perfect sense for you to choose stylish looking metal water bottles and print your brand name on them and present it to someone in your business ecosystem.

The options

Metal water bottles come in a large number of choices:

  • The volume of liquid that they can hold.
  • The size.
  • Different types of caps and lids.
  • The shape of the bottle as well.

You will therefore find it extremely easy to select a bottle that appeals to you and gives you the maximum value for your money.

When looking for a seller…

When looking for an online seller of custom metal water bottles, it would do you good to visit different websites and compare details and information across aspects such as:

  • The guarantees of the most competitive prices.
  • Precision printing.
  • Free artwork design so that your promotional item looks fabulous.
  • Express delivery, in case you want same day production and dispatch of your consignment.

The secret is in the artwork

You can certainly choose different kinds of bottles:

  • Single wall construction with twist lid.
  • Bottles with press on lid and slide lock drink opening.
  • Bottles that come with a tethered press on lid and so on.

Another interesting bottle to look for is a sports bottle which has stainless steel bottom and lid. Bottles also come in different shapes – some of them may be shaped like a milk bottle and others may have a very fluid or curved shape. Regardless of the bottle that you choose, you have to pay attention to the artwork that goes on them.

This is where you must choose the seller that promises high precision printing and great quality artwork. You can choose to put the name of your business organization, your logo or even your business slogan on the bottle.

One tip to keep in mind – choose the color of the bottle that will provide the best backdrop for your corporate colors. For instance, if your logo is predominantly yellow or orange, then you could maybe choose a dark blue milk maid bottle as your product of choice.

There are a lot of options that you can exercise when you go shopping online for your promotional products in the shape of customized metal water bottles.

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